ATU members to meet as unions slam Unifor, CLC

UPDATE: At noon March 17, learned from multiple sources that ATU Local 113 President Bob Kinnear resigned. Kinnear was first elected Local 113 president in 2003. Kinnear has also withdrawn his letter to the CLC invoking article the justification process to disaffiliate from the ATU under… Read More

Unifor footing Kinnear’s legal fees

  By David Bush The intense legal battle being waged over the fate of ATU Local 113 is not simply a two-sided affair between Bob Kinnear and ATU International. has learned that Bob Kinnear’s legal fees are being paid for by Unifor. This should… Read More

Bob’s Back: ATU Local 113 crisis continues

By David Bush The crisis embroiling ATU Local 113 continues as Bob Kinnear, the trusteed President of Local 113, won an injunction on February 21 against the trusteeship of the local by ATU International. The decision by the Superior Court reinstates Kinnear as president. This decision… Read More

Remembering Bob White

By Herman Rosenfeld With great sadness, I learned of the death of Bob White. In 1978, he became the leader of the Canadian section of the UAW about a year and half after I started working on the line at GM. Little did I know… Read More

ATU Trusteeship, Unifor Raid, CLC Crisis

UPDATE: This article was published at 2:30am on February 10. Hours after publication Hassan Yussuff of the CLC sent a letter to Paul Thorp, President of ATU Canada, informing him that article 4 was being reinstated for Local 113 and the justification process would proceed.… Read More

Why Trudeau is no friend of labour

By Doug Nesbitt Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was given a standing ovation at the 2nd Unifor convention in Ottawa yesterday. But not all Unifor members were cheering on the love-in between the Prime Minister and their national union president, Jerry Dias. There are plenty of… Read More

All work and no pay: The Phoenix debacle

By Crystal Warner Deputy Trustee BC/YT, Canada Employment and Immigration Union Initiated in 2009 by the Conservative government in an effort to modernize pay, Public Services and Procurement Canada unveiled a plan to centralize compensation for federal workers in Miramichi, New Brunswick. In February of… Read More