• A good place to start is with this audio interview with Winnipeg postal worker Arlyn Doran talking about campaigning in Winnipeg and the real story behind what’s happening at Canada Post.
  • You can read the testimony of a Vancouver postal worker and a Hamilton postal worker.
  • For a lot more information and commentary, check this out.


  • For a listing of actions across Canada, click here.
  • For an argument about why this fight is both necessary and winnable, click here.
  • Here’s a recap of how the campaign to Save Canada Post started.

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  • Why Canada needs postal banking.


  • Check out the letters of support drafted by unions and other organizations in support of CUPW

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4 thoughts on “Save Canada Post

  1. We’d like to maintain home delivery because we are away a lot, and sporadically. We’ve got a large, secure mailbox in our garage that allows us to accumulate mail and junk mail. We’d really like to keep using it and WE WOULD PAY AN ANNUAL FEE/TAX TO MAINTAIN THIS SERVICE. It would help pay for the elderly and the disabled if such fees were an option. This is a democracy, isn’t it? We should have choices.

  2. That’s terrible if they take away home delivery, especially for
    the elderly , they can’t walk all over the place to retrieve
    their mail, and plus all the mail men losing jobs, does not
    make sense, they have to come to another solution, or this
    will be more of a ghost town then what it is. The say they want
    everyone to have a job, could have fooled me, I hope all the
    petitions work.

  3. Why not reduce mail delivery to three days rather than stopping it. I don’t believe stopping mail delivery will actually save money. It might save money on paper at the post office, but what about increased costs in extra traffic on the roads or the cost of injury to seniors going to their box on icy streets. With internet shopping rising exponentially, we will soon lose convenient home parcel delivery by Canada Post to (more expensive) commercial couriers who charge much more for brokerage fees on international orders. I believe this is yet another move by the Conservative Government to privatize services such as Canada Post and the CBC.

  4. I’m 79 years old soon to be 80…crippled with arthritis…..cannot walk the 2 blocks to the mail box ….Please at least put my mail in my mail box at my home. 2 days a week would be fine say, Mon. and Thursday or Tues. and Friday…do not know my neighbors but I know there are other seniors on my street. We pay so much on postage yet we cant get our mail at door. last week I had a letter sent to England it cost $ 6..oo..that is awful……..PLEASE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING…

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