1. Monthly sustainer using PayPal

2. One-time donation using PayPal

3. Send a cheque

You can send a cheque made out to “Rankandfile.ca” care of our Treasurer:

Andrew Stevens
Faculty of Business Administration
5th Floor, Education Building
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway,
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0A5

You can also set up a regular auto-deposit contribution by sending us a void cheque and filling out the payor agreement forms, available here. Instructions are available on-line. (Payor Agreement Forms) (Payor Agreement Instructions)

4. Union donation

Put a motion forward to your union local or labour council to make a donation. Here’s a model funding request letter.

5. Why donate? 

RankandFile.ca is committed to building a network of rank-and-file labour activists across the country. We believe sharing stories, experiences, debate, and analysis around our collective struggles strengthens our movement and builds solidarity.

We provide coverage of strikes, negotiations, legislative developments, international solidarity efforts, economic policy, and the victories in between. We are committed to publishing well-researched, timely, and thought-provoking pieces that can inform the work of the labour movement.

As we build our network of contributors and readers, we are able to promote campaigns that defend workers’ rights

It is because of the generous support from our supporters that we have been able to reach some remarkable milestones. In 2016, RankandFile.ca consistently reached 25,000 readers per month.

reynolds-union24co6. What can we do with more money?

$25 helps us promote important articles and reach thousands of people
$125 pays for a solicited article

$1,500 pays for a dedicated regional correspondent

Donations also pay for: website costs, publishing pamphlets and flyers, travel costs, and more.

7. Get involved

If you are interested in RankandFile.ca and you would like us to keep you informed with regular notifications on the progress of our project, please visit the website and sign up for our email subscription. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @rankandfile.ca.

Also if you are interested in contributing either by writing or by helping to do the countless little tasks that keep this project running email us –editors@rankandfile.ca

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