Young Worker for Life?

By Denise Martins This week, the Ontario Federation of Labour will once again be debating whether or not to redefine young worker from “30 years old or under” to a vague definition that leaves it up to each affiliate to define. Young people need a… Read More

Precarious young retail workers: Part 2

Read Part 1 here By Daniel Tseghay In her 2014 book, Revolutionizing Retail: Workers, Political Action, and Social Change, Kendra Coulter, a Labour Studies professor at Brock University, precarity is shown to be a consistent part of the retail sector. This is especially concerning considering… Read More

Why we turned our backs on Trudeau

In the waning hours of Monday evening at the Canadian Labour Congress’s Young Worker Summit, a surprise guest was announced. The 400 young union activists who had gathered in Ottawa to address the issues facing their generation would be face-to-face with the most influential decision… Read More

Reform Unpaid Internships Now!

By Dan Darrah The internship, especially with the rise of the so-called “knowledge economy” since the 1980s, has become an unavoidable part of the college- and university-age experience for many young Canadians. For good reason, too: internships offer students practical on-the-job experience in many of… Read More

Fighting Unpaid Internships

By Gerard Di Trolio Activists opposing unpaid internships rallied in Toronto to call upon Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa to take action on the issue in the next budget. Organized by Stop Unpaid Internships in Ontario, over twenty protestors stood outside of St. Paul’s Anglican… Read More

Unifor Interview Series: Lindsay Hinshelwood, Local 707

We continue our weeklong series of interviews with Unifor union leaders, staff, and rank-and-file members. Today we speak with Lindsay Hinshelwood, an assembly line worker at Ford Oakville and a member of Unifor Local 707, formerly of the Canadian Autoworkers. [audio:|titles=Lindsay Hinshelwood interview] Lindsay is… Read More

Rank and File Podcast With Shay Enxuga

Dave Bush speaks with Shay Enxuga, an activist with the Baristas Rise Up (BRU) campaign. Shay recently authored the article Queer Struggles are Class Struggles which looks at the experience of queer and trans workers in the low wage service sector. Shay speaks about the… Read More

Queer Struggles are Class Struggles

By Shay Enxuga Originally published at the Halifax Media Co-op, September 4 2013 This article uses the single gender-neutral pronoun “they”. “Queer struggles are class struggles,” says Charlie Huntley, a 25 year old coffee shop worker, “and should never be addressed as if they are… Read More

Baristas Rise Up in Halifax

The low wage service sector is one of the most difficult sectors for workers to form unions.  The small workplaces’ lack of union tradition, high staff turnover and aggressive anti-union managers and owners in the sector have meant that most unions have stayed away from… Read More