Precarious young retail workers: Part 2

Read Part 1 here By Daniel Tseghay In her 2014 book, Revolutionizing Retail: Workers, Political Action, and Social Change, Kendra Coulter, a Labour Studies professor at Brock University, precarity is shown to be a consistent part of the retail sector. This is especially concerning considering… Read More

Because it’s 2016…

By Denise Leduc One year ago the newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau made headlines around the world when he appointed a gender balanced cabinet. Later when asked about this he famously quipped, “Because it’s 2015”. This soundbite garnered international attention and seemed hopeful for women… Read More

Boycott Scab Chips

By Gerard Di Trolio Right now, scabs are the secret ingredient in Covered Bridge Potato Chips made near Hartland, New Brunswick. After members of UFCW 1288P began their strike for a first contract on January 5, Covered Bridge turned to scab labour. Workers are seeking… Read More

The Right to Real Pay for Real Work

By Denise Leduc’s Prairies correspondent Workers with disabilities face many challenges in Canada’s labour market, including marginalization and exclusion. Only about 25% of individuals with intellectual disabilities are able to find employment. Even at work this often-overlooked segment of the workforce is forced to… Read More