Weekend Video: We Deliver Canada

We Deliver Canada is a campaign by CUPW Vancouver Local 846 in partnership with CauseComms: Communications for the Common Good. The CUPW Vancouver Local represents over three thousand postal workers in the cities of Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver City & District and West Vancouver.… Read More

Weekend Video: Hey Baristas!

Music Video in support of Coffee Shop Workers and promoting the organizing of (especially) low paid and precarious work. . This video was produced by the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council in support of coffee shop workers and others trying to make all work, decent… Read More

Weekend Video: 24 Days in Brooks

Over the course of a decade Brooks, Alberta, transformed from a socially conservative, primarily white town to one of the most diverse places in Canada as immigrants and refugees flocked to find jobs at the Lakeside Packers slaughterhouse. Centring on the 24 days of the… Read More

Weekend Video: El Contrato

El Contrato is a 50 minute film documenting the journey of a worker from central Mexican to the greenhouses of Leamington in southwestern Ontario. It is about the struggle of agricultural foreign workers for dignity, respect and rights. After its release, employers in Leamington threatened… Read More

Weekend Video: Final Offer

Final Offer is a documentary film examining the 1984 contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) and GM. Ultimately, it provided a historical record of the birth of the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) as Bob White, then head of the Canadian sector… Read More

Weekend Video: Can’t Take No More!

This past week, 15-year-old Chris Lawrence was killed on the job at a gravel pit near Drumheller, Alberta. As the Alberta Federation of Labour points out, health and safety laws in the province remain weak and inadequate. The problem of workplace safety remains a deadly… Read More