Weekend Video: El Contrato

El Contrato is a 50 minute film documenting the journey of a worker from central Mexican to the greenhouses of Leamington in southwestern Ontario. It is about the struggle of agricultural foreign workers for dignity, respect and rights. After its release, employers in Leamington threatened… Read More

Weekend Video: Final Offer

Final Offer is a documentary film examining the 1984 contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) and GM. Ultimately, it provided a historical record of the birth of the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) as Bob White, then head of the Canadian sector… Read More

Weekend Video: Can’t Take No More!

This past week, 15-year-old Chris Lawrence was killed on the job at a gravel pit near Drumheller, Alberta. As the Alberta Federation of Labour points out, health and safety laws in the province remain weak and inadequate. The problem of workplace safety remains a deadly… Read More

Weekend Video: The Grievance

The short 1954 documentary, The Grievance, is a introductory portrait of labour relations in mid-20th century Canada. Produced in cooperation with the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada, the film traces the process of filing a worker’s grievance in the mechanical and industrial fields. In one instance,… Read More

Weekend Videos: Fighting Bill 37

The Nova Scotia Liberals have passed Bill 37, cutting labour out from the knees, and attacking a healthcare workforce of mainly women in a province recently rocked by a string of incidents exposing how deeply sexism is rooted in our institutions and our daily lives.… Read More