By Ernie Tate The new Trump administration has made the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico and the United States, a major issue in its relations with its two neighbours. Recently, Trump has threatened to tear it up. With his standard nationalist… Read More

R&F Podcast Episode 7 – Mark Brown of CBTU West Coast Correspondent Daniel Tseghay speaks to Mark Brown of the Ontario chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists about the history of the organizations and its ongoing struggles of combating anti-Black racism in the workplace, the trade union movement, and beyond.

Labour News Update: August 15, 2016

Ontario report shows unions are necessary | Sky darkens for Brad Wall | Can a lockout be better than a strike for unions? | The Phoenix pay system mess | No end in sight for Essex county library strike | Liberals loosen TFWP regulations | Foreign workers exploited in medical marijuana… Read More

Labour news update: July 18, 2016

Liberal’s “asset recycling” | Layoffs at Mosaic’s Colonsay potash mine | Supreme Court ruling protects federally regulated workers from unfair just dismissal | Low-wage earners with graduate degrees on the rise | Halifax civic workers vote for strike | Sky-high electric prices for Ontarians | PSAC supports CUPW | Minimum wage… Read More

Labour News Update: April 25, 2016

MPs Hurry ‘Outsourcing’ Act Blacklock’s reporter, April 21, 2016 Parliament last night on a 165 to 131 vote approved in principle a cabinet bill waiving Air Canada’s liability for illegally transferring maintenance work out of the country. The Commons Liberal majority forced the Second Reading… Read More