Lockout in small town Saskatchewan

By Denise Leduc On May 21, After being at the bargaining table for almost four years, workers at Variety Place in Outlook, Saskatchewan were locked out by their employer. Variety Place is an organization that provides residence and day programs for individuals with physical and… Read More

Saskatchewan’s 2017 Austerity Budget

By Andrew Stevens and Charles Smith Saskatchewan’s 2017 budget landed with an unenthusiastic thud last week. Riddled with cuts, job losses, public sector wage reductions, and tax increases, the Saskatchewan Party’s austerity budget has garnered few friends, with critics ranging from organized labour movement to… Read More

Letters from Saskatchewan’s inmates

Why we should care about the privatization of Saskatchewan’s prison services By Denise Leduc In late 2015 and again in January 2016, hunger strikes were initiated by inmates in Saskatchewan’s prisons over food issues. There were complaints of uncooked eggs, and meals that were nutritionally… Read More