Weekend Video: We Own it!

We Own It! is a campaign launched by OPSEU in coordination with community groups in 2016 to keep public services public. The campaign is focused on battling privatization and strengthening public services across Ontario. They have been holding community forums and protests across the province.

Time to Fix Hydro ‘Mistake’

By Paul Kahnert Hydro in Ontario is a mess and rates are skyrocketing. The high number of people who have trouble paying or can’t pay their Hydro bills is growing by the day. Businesses are leaving the province and/or refusing to locate here because of… Read More

How not to fund infrastructure

By Michal Rozworski Recycling is supposed to be a good thing, so when the federal Liberals quietly announced that “asset recycling” would be part of their strategy for meeting their much-ballyhooed infrastructure promises, not many eyebrows were raised. They should have been. Asset recycling is… Read More

Bombardier: Time to Nationalize

by David Bush, Gerard Di Trolio, and Doug Nesbitt The best solution for Bombardier’s endless financial woes is the one that nobody is talking about: nationalization. It’s time for the Canadian government to stop subsidizing the profits of the transport and aerospace company’s shareholders. The only people… Read More