Labour News Update: 11 March 2013

Some of subjects in these week’s labour news update: Saskatchewan labour legislation Porter Airlines strike Study: Employment precarity and household well-being Labour Force Survey: February 2013 Austerity in Ontario universities Precarious employment in GTA Racial wealth gap triples since Reagan era

Labour news update – January 29 2013

Ontario education workers and Bill 115 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on labour and right-to-work Porter Airlines strike BC’s 10-year-plan for teachers ignores court rulings, again Halifax schools face labour trouble Xstrata and Mine Mill brace for job action Blockade at Vertis in Fort Erie St.FX… Read More

Porter is out of order

Twenty-two ground crew at the Toronto Island airport are on strike for a first contract against Porter Airlines. Training and health and safety are critical issues in the strike as described in the short video below. Meanwhile, Porter has turned to the Federal Court to… Read More