Beating Apathy

By Labor Notes staff Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who cares about the union? Like none of your co-workers will lift a finger to help? Like your workplace is bogged down in “apathy?” It’s a common gripe. In Labor Notes workshops… Read More

Building a Stewards Council

by Paul Krehbiel Originally published at Labor Notes Want a stronger union at work? Consider building a stewards council. With only five stewards for 1,700 workers, demoralization was high at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The union, the old Service Employees (SEIU) Local… Read More

Protecting Education from Schooling

The Common Interest of Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Teachers By Jeff Noonan Vice-President (Internal) Windsor University Faculty Association As Alan Sears demonstrates in his superb Retooling the Mind Factory, the values the school system will serve has been a fundamental political-economic problem for over a… Read More

Roll Up The Boss To Win

Tim Hortons vs. Workers in Winnipeg by Doug Nesbitt Less than a month ago, several workers at four Tim Hortons stores in Winnipeg began talking union. Management quickly learned of the union activities and, following a captive audience meeting, fired one of the women workers… Read More