NDP convention: Motions without action?

By Nora Loreto During the leadership race, Jagmeet Singh made carding and street checks one of his priorities. Day two of the NDP policy convention started by debating this policy, motivated by an impassioned and radical speech from Hamilton city councilor Matthew Green. The motion… Read More

BC NDP’s crawl to $15

Editors’ note: Since this article was first published on August 17, the BC NDP has abandoned its election promise of $15/hour minimum wage by 2021 in favour of handing over the timeline questions to its fair wages commission. BC employer associations are already cheering on… Read More

Workers, unions, and the election

By David Bush and Doug Nesbitt When the writ for the federal election dropped on Aug. 2, both political parties and trade unions moved into full election mode. The lengthy 78 day election period puts spending constraints upon unions including direct election spending and third… Read More