Labour News Update: May 22 2017

Striking Zoo workers using puns against management | GE report on Peterborough workers’ health makes ‘other evidence’ clear | Union vows to fight move giving railways access to video recorders data | Local roofer gets day in jail, fine | Flex-N-Gate ratification vote fails; members… Read More

Labour News Update: May 1, 2017

Day of Mourning | CHS Strike | Nova Scotia Election | BC Election | Manitoba nurses protest | Ontario budget | Ontario Hydro CEO salary jumps to $3.8 million | Union slams TTC over subway air pollution study, raises concerns about worker health | Basic Income pilot  |LCBO workers vote 93% to… Read More

Labour News Update: March 27 2017

Manitoba Tories attack | Saskatchewan budget | Federal budget | CNRL workplace deaths inquiry | Nova Scotia classrooms | Chrysler outsourcing | CHS strike in Ontario | D-J Composites lockout | USA women’s hockey strike Manitoba Tories ready legislative assault on labour Scott Price,… Read More