Confronting Zero Tolerance

By Robert M. Schwartz Bosses are in love with zero tolerance policies. One arbitrator calls them “the last refuge of weak managers.” Zero tolerance policies authorize employers to discharge workers who commit specified infractions without consideration of the surrounding circumstances, length of service, or the… Read More

Alberta NDP act like Tories on Bill 7

By, Bob Barnetson Last week, Alberta’s Bill 7 was passed and came into effect. This Bill moves faculty and graduate student collective bargaining under the Labour Relations Code. This means bargaining impasse will (effective immediately) be resolved via strike-lockout. Overall, Bill 7 is sensible and… Read More

Employers nervous about Alberta WCB review

By Bob Barnetson Alberta is reviewing it workers’ compensation system for the first time in 15 years. A few weeks ago, Merit Contractors started a campaign with the basic message is that business is opposed to increased operating costs: The government’s intended direction is clear:… Read More

Reform Unpaid Internships Now!

By Dan Darrah The internship, especially with the rise of the so-called “knowledge economy” since the 1980s, has become an unavoidable part of the college- and university-age experience for many young Canadians. For good reason, too: internships offer students practical on-the-job experience in many of… Read More

Who Gives You the Right to Strike?

On a Potential Constitutional Challenge to Nova Scotia’s Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act and the Limitations of Legalistic Labour Strategies By Solidarity Halifax’s Workers Action Committee How should workers fight repressive legislation, in the courts or in the streets? While a favorable judgement can bring… Read More