Killing Canada Post: Trudeau’s Turn

By David Bush, Gerard Di Trolio, and Doug Nesbitt In early September the Canada Post Task Force, promised by Justin Trudeau during the last election to review the postal service’s future, released its discussion paper. The paper was the committee’s preliminary thoughts about the future… Read More

Why we need Postal Banking

By Christo Aivalis Over the past months, the dispute between Canada Post (CP) and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has garnered attention, both for how a labour stoppage will effect Canadians, as well as how the current negotiations form a bellwether for the… Read More

Canada Post’s lockout is a sham

By David Bush A 72 hour lockout notice has been issued by Canada Post. Here is what is really happening. Canada Post is refusing to bargain. They have only tabled one offer during negotiations and routinely issued misleading statements that the union is asking for… Read More

Seven myths about Canada Post

by Doug Nesbitt and Dan Darrah With another lockout or strike looming at Canada Post, management is once again relying on huge amounts of public misinformation to turn the people against the postal workers, and sap confidence in our public postal service. Here are seven… Read More

Weekend Video: 1987 CUPW strike

In October 1987, postal workers inside the sorting plants struck against Canada Post. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) strike also kicked off only a few short months after Canada Post letter carriers, then represented by the Letter Carriers Union (LCUC), were on strike… Read More

Weekend Video: Postal Banking

This panel discussion is a chance to learn about the many shortcomings of the existing private banking system in Canada and of the potential of a public postal bank to address them! Predatory lenders are draining money out of low-income communities; could postal banking be… Read More