Send us your labour convention resolutions!

With a federal election upon us and a handful of labour conventions on the horizon, how are delegates and rank-and-file members working to politicize their federations? Send us proposed resolutions by September 29 to share amongst the readership. Share your draft resolutions for union members… Read More

The resurrection of Bill C-377: A reader

A controversial anti-union bill, C-377, is being rammed through Senate this afternoon after Tory senators overruled the Senate chair to end debate. In 2013, dissident Tory Senators helped to stall the passing of C-377 by voting on a series of amendments that sent the bill… Read More

What next for C-377?

By Andrew Stevens Senate committee hearings recommenced last month to consider testimony and evidence regarding Conservative MP, Russ Hiebert’s floundering anti-union bill, C-377. As reported in 2014, the private members’ legislation, innocuously titled “An Amendment to the Income Tax Act,” will impose unprecedented reporting… Read More

2014: The Canadian labour movement in review

By David Bush This past year has seen governments continue and extend their unprecedented assault on fundamental trade union and worker rights, while employers demand even more concessions at the bargaining table. At the federal level the Conservatives passed their omnibus Bill C-4, which stripped… Read More