Bill 1 rollercoaster continues in Nova Scotia

By Shay Enxuga The Liberals’ election promise of restructuring healthcare in Nova Scotia has turned into a prolonged battle between the government and the province’s four healthcare unions. The drama began last April when the Liberals introduced essential service legislation, eliminating the right to strike… Read More

Nova Scotia unions welcome Bill 1 decision

by Shay Enxuga Today Arbitrator James Dorsey released his initial decision regarding Bill 1, the Health Authorities Act, and addressed some of issues at the heart of the controversy surrounding the legislation – union representation. Bill 1, introduced by the McNeil Liberals on October 3,… Read More

2014: The Canadian labour movement in review

By David Bush This past year has seen governments continue and extend their unprecedented assault on fundamental trade union and worker rights, while employers demand even more concessions at the bargaining table. At the federal level the Conservatives passed their omnibus Bill C-4, which stripped… Read More