Saskatchewan’s 2017 Austerity Budget

By Andrew Stevens and Charles Smith Saskatchewan’s 2017 budget landed with an unenthusiastic thud last week. Riddled with cuts, job losses, public sector wage reductions, and tax increases, the Saskatchewan Party’s austerity budget has garnered few friends, with critics ranging from organized labour movement to… Read More

Trudeau’s war on a small Alberta town

By Crystal Warner CEIU Deputy Trustee BC/YT Selfie sticks were oddly missing on October 27 when senior federal government officials announced at a staff-only meeting that the Case Processing Centre (CPC) for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) would be relocated from the town of… Read More

Newfoundland is Rising Against Austerity

By Robert Devet’s Atlantic correspondent Something very much out of the ordinary is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador. People are so angry about the recent provincial austerity budget that even long-time activists say they have never seen the likes of it. The newly elected… Read More

Bill 148 needs to be stopped

By Robert Devet The Liberals just couldn’t help themselves. They did it again. Earlier they trampled over home care workers’ and healthcare workers’ rights. Now it is teachers’ and civil servants’ turn. An entire session at Province House without labour strife just wouldn’t be the… Read More