CLC Recap: New Leader, Same Challenges

Report from David Bush, CLC convention delegate and editor. Stay tuned for’s analysis of the whole CLC convention next week. The CLC convention, the largest in its history,  is over and the house of labour has a new president. On Thursday afternoon the… Read More

CLC Day 1 Recap

Report from David Bush, CLC convention delegate and editor As the CLC convention kicked off yesterday there was an unexpected energy at the conference. Early on an amendment to the agenda to allow for candidates debate before the Thursday election caught the Chair, Ken… Read More

Why I will be voting for Hassan Yussuff

By Geoff Bickerton (CUPW Research Director and CUPE 1979 delegate) At the upcoming CLC convention we are being offered a choice between leaders who have very different visions for the future of the labour movement. Here are some of the reasons I will be supporting Hassan Yussuff:… Read More

A Glamorous Job at Air Canada?

Thankless toiling at Canada’s flagship airline Writing on condition of anonymity, a veteran Air Canada employee talks about work at Canada’s flagship airline and puts into context the “bag toss” incident witnessed by a passenger at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last week. The two Air… Read More