Ontario teachers and the law

[Editor’s Note: this article has been slightly revised to reflect OSSTF’s decision to cancel its January 16 protest.] by Doug Nesbitt At 4am this morning, the Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled that a “political protest” by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario would be an… Read More

Rank-and-file OSSTF statement

A group of rank-and-file OSSTF members have released this video highly critical of their union’s campaign against Bill 115 and relations with political parties. Associated with the video is a petition to push the OSSTF executive in a different direction.

Right to work in Canada?

by David Bush originally published at Rabble.ca Yesterday the Michigan legislature passed “right-to-work” legislation that would ban unions from collecting dues from all those covered by union contracts via paycheck deductions. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has said he intends to sign the bill into law.… Read More

Kill Bill 115: Where is the movement going?

by Doug Nesbitt In the coming week, Ontario’s teachers, education workers and students will be turning up the heat on the Liberal minority government and Bill 115, which imposes a concessionary bargaining agenda on teachers unions and the school boards, and allows the cabinet to… Read More

News update, 1 December 2012

The Campaign Against the Rand Formula By Evert Hoogers, Donald Swartz and Rosemary Warskett It has been widely reported that Pierre Poilievre, the Federal Conservative MP for Nepean-Carleton, has launched a campaign to change the rules regarding the payment of union dues [See his November… Read More

Labour News Update, 25 November 2012

CLC, Political Action Conference, March 22-24 The CLC is hosting this National Political Action Conference in Toronto March 22-24,2013 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel. This will be the largest conference the CLC has ever organized and the first National Political Action Conference in our history.… Read More