Transit cops or free transit?

by Doug Nesbitt After the February murder of Winnipeg transit operator Irvine Jubal Fraser, and other violent attacks, there is a push for transit cops to be introduced in Winnipeg. Conducted a month after Fraser’s murder, a survey has now been widely publicized finding 64… Read More

The Basic Income debate

By Pam Frache On April 13, about 300 people, all of them united in their desire to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable among us, took their seats in the OISE auditorium in Toronto to listen to a discussion about Basic Income (BI) and… Read More

Weekend Video: Niagara Falls

A short documentary about Niagara Falls’ image to the world and the reality of life in the city. This 4 minute documentary was made by Ryerson students, who wanted to examine the impact that  years of Liberal and Tory attacks on social programs and good… Read More

Weekend Video: The Widows of Asbestos

This past week was global asbestos awareness week. The community of Peterborough, once known as the “Electric City”, has been struck by generations of occupational cancer produced by General Electric. The Widows of Asbestos documentary captures the plight of the workers and widows in their… Read More