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  • develop a coherent analysis of the labour movement
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  • David Bush is an activist and writer. He is a former union organizer with the Service Employees International Union Local 2.
  • Doug Nesbitt is currently a PhD History candidate at Queen’s University writing about the Ontario Days of Action against the Harris Tories. He served as Co-Chief Steward and President of PSAC local 901, and is a former organizer with SEIU Local 2. Doug remains loyal to the Leafs despite the endless disappointments.
  • Samantha Ponting is former Co-Chief Steward of CUPE local 4600, the union representing Carleton teaching assistants and contract instructors. She has a master’s degree in political economy. Her master’s research explored the affects of border security walls on labour economies, paying particular attention to the repression of migrant workers. From 2010-2013, she served on the editorial board of Ottawa-based grassroots community newspaper The Leveller, where she learned the art of journalistic swagger. Sam likes workers’ rights, labour solidarity, and good ol’ class consciousness. She also likes ukelele, smelling like campfire, and indulging in the indie folk bands that Doug generally despises. Go back to the 90s, Doug!
  • Andrew Stevens completed his PhD from the Department of Sociology at Queen’s University. He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina’s Faculty of Business Administration. Andrew helped organize teaching assistants and teaching fellows at Queen’s University with the Public Service Alliance of Canada. His research examines the global outsourcing and offshoring of call centre work, labour relations in Canada and India, and industrial relations. Andrew is also an active member of his union, the University of Regina Faculty Association, where is a member of the academic staff bargaining team and the Executive Committee.

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Special Thanks
This website started out as a weekly radio show from January to September 2012. Special thanks goes to the staff at CFRC 101.9FM in Kingston, Ontario and all those who keep CFRC on air through donations and volunteer work.