Best of in 2017

16427707_1446476425396931_7826012047416733901_n2017 was a record year for We launched our newest publication, The Nine Hour Movement: How civil disobedience made unions legal and our organizer’s handbook, 15 and Fairness Now! sold roughly a 1000 copies.  We published 310 stories, videos, interviews, news updates and job posting this year. 125 of those were original stories, news reports or interviews. We had over 60 different authors writing for us. Our average monthly readership continued to climb, we now average well over 40,000 unique readers a month. Thanks to all those whose financial support and hard work make possible. Without our writers, donors, and readers we could not have achieved all that we did in 2017. We will be looking to expand on this by hiring more writers, covering more stories and hopefully publishing more printed materials. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us expand our coverage. To celebrate our achievements the editors have chosen their top three stories of the year.


BC’s Fight for $15 can’t wait by Daniel Tseghay and Derrick O’Keefe

Scabs on a plane! The Winnipeg airport strike by James Wilt

Fighting racism and Islamophobia through the struggle for $15 and Fairness by Alia Karim


Young worker for life? by Denise Martins

The Yonge Street Uprising and anti-black racism today by Daniel Tseghay

ATU Trusteeship, Unifor Raid, CLC Crisis by David Bush, Gerard Di Trolio and Doug Nesbitt


CAMI strike: An Oshawa autoworkers’ view by Cory Weir

What does it mean to Keep Ontario Working? by Evan Johnston

Hamilton transit in the age of austerity by Blake McCall and Caitlin Craven


Workers burnt by Phoenix by Crystal Warner

No Scab Mail Here: The 1987 postal strikes by Doug Nesbitt

Women and the Fight for $15 by Emily Leedham


Beyond $15: An interview with Jonathan Rosenblum by Kevin Brice-Lall

Picketing part-time blues at Ontario Colleges by Johanna Wright*

Canada’s wars at home and abroad By Chris Grawey

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