Vote for 2017’s Scumbag of the Year

The nominations are in, our readers have looked high and low (mostly very low) to find the most worthy candidates for our Scumbag of the Year award. We have narrowed the field of choices to the 11 scummiest of scumbags picked by our readers. Make sure to vote for your candidate below and share with your family and friends. Voting closes December 30. Happy holidays!

Meet the candidates

Karl Baldauf, VP at Ontario Chamber of Commerce: Karl has been at the forefront of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s campaign to keep Ontario workers in poverty by opposing the $15 minimum wage and stronger labour laws.
Galen Weston Jr., CEO & President of Loblaw Companies Limited: What a year for Weston Jr. and his company. Lobalw cut hundreds of jobs, closed dozens of stores, organized against a $15 minimum wage, got caught in an offshore tax avoidance scheme, and got busted in a 14 year price fixing scheme on bread – all while pulling huge profits. Did we mention Weston Jr.’s family net worth is well over $8 billion.
Rezaul Chowdhury, President of D-J Engineering Inc.:  Chowdhruy has locked out 32 aerospace workers from Unifor local 597 in Newfoundland and Labrador for over a year.
Don Sinclair, CEO of the College Employer Council: Forced out Ontario college faculty on their longest ever strike by refusing to negotiate.
Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance: Caught in a blatant conflict of interest over tax reform that favours the rich and leading the charge to set-up the new Canada Infrastructure Bank which will be used to create yet more P3s.
Carla Qualtrough, Public Services and Procurement Minister: The current minister in charge of the on-going Phoenix payroll crisis.
Alex Petro, Owner of The Alehouse in London: Petro became notorious over the summer for putting up huge signs against a $15 minimum wage outside his bar. He also hosted the far-right wing PEGIDA after their Islamophobic demo in the city in the summer.
Eddie Lampert, CEO of Sears Holdings: Lampert and his management team sunk Sears Canada, destroyed 12,000 jobs, is screwing over workers on severance and their pensions all while giving themselves nice bonuses.
Julia Dumanian, CEO at the Canadian Hearing Society: Dumanian forced out over 200 CHS workers on a two month strike ovr improved sick leave provisions and wage increases after a four year wage freeze. Dumanian herself got a 75 percent increase in pay over three years.
Paul Godfrey, President and CEO of Postmedia: Godfrey and Postmedia have continued to slash and burn the media, cutting jobs, closing papers all while giving themselves nice fat bonuses.
Hunter Harrison’s corpse, former CEO at CN and CP rail: Harrison is a perennial candidate for this award and our readers aren’t letting his little dirt nap get in the way of his chance at finally winning. Harrison was a union buster extraordinaire and wouldn’t let a little thing like 47 deaths in Lac-Mégantic stop him from complaining about government overregulation of safety in the industry.

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30 thoughts on “Vote for 2017’s Scumbag of the Year

  1. Ok here are my thoughts…….yes, Galen may be a scumbag….but he’s ultra rich…..kind of expect him to be. Don Sinclair though, is more an average kinda guy……so for him to be….well, honestly it took effort to get there…Galen comes naturally. I voted for the person that actually worked to get there……..What is the saying, reward those who put the effort in….:)

  2. I don’t see Jerry Dias (president of Unifor) or Bob Kinnear (former President ATU Local 113) for their roles in trying to allow a raid by Unifor on ATU in contravention of the CLC. For that matter maybe Hassan Yussuf (president of CLC) should have been on there as well for letting it get to the point that it did

  3. I guess Brad Wall’s just a local scumbag then. Even after his 10 years of ridiculous tantrums, Saskatchewan is still ignored by the rest of tbe country. Oh, well, didn’t vote for him before, no need to start now.

    1. We have enough Canadian exceptionalism as it is. It’s important to recognize the scumbags in our midst since we’re better positioned to do something about them than we are about Trump.

      Personally, I would’ve liked to have nominated everyone who devotes more time and energy tilting at basic income windmills than fighting for increases to social assistance rates.

  4. To be fair to Qualtrough, she inherited the Phoenix mess and didn’t create it or bring it in.
    That goes to Harper and his cronies. …although she has done little to help.

    They are all SO scummy.

    My vote goes to the Sears CEO. Not only did employees lose their jobs, but they lost thr pensions …that THEY also paid into. Meanwhile the CEO scum got a bonus for plowing Sears into the ground and screwing over workers

  5. The biggest scumbag tells the most people to keep working the hardest and finds the most reasons to avoid paying as many of them as possible. Qualtrough even had a system of excuses ready this week for holiday pay period failures. Scrooge and Grinch, proud parents.

  6. Hard choice to make. I figure lots of people will vote for Galen Weston Jr. so he doesn’t need my vote. However, Hunter Harrison’s corpse is impossible to resist. Lac Magentic may be his most public sin but he did so much more damage to rail safety and his never ending abuse of his workforce makes him the ideal candidate. This will no doubt be his last chance to win the Scumbag award, let’s give it to him.

  7. Stephen MacNeil forced teachers back to doing extras when they hadn’t stopped teaching. Created 2 bills to defeat unions. How is he not here?

  8. Considering Don Sinclair has only failed employees in Ontario and only those in the college system, being in second place means he actually deserves scumbag employer of the year.

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