The Economics of $15: A Reader

lead_960The demand for a $15 minimum wage is hugely popular. However, doubts remain about whether raising the minimum wage to $15 would benefit or hurt workers and the economy. These doubts have been sowed by conservative politicians, right-wing think-tanks, employer groups, and a largely uncritical media. Luckily, over the last couple of years progressive economists have been hard at work studying the potential impacts of a $15 minimum wage and critically examining the claims made by those who oppose the minimum wage. The results have been an overwhelming set of studies, think pieces, and critical reviews that show not only will a $15 minimum wage not cause major job loss or inflation, it will be a boon for economic activity. We compiled some of these studies, reviews, and opinion pieces by economists.


Economists support $15 minimum wage in Ontario (Progressive Economics Forum)

What minimum-wage critics don’t want you to know by Jim Stanford (Globe and Mail)

Don’t bank on TD’s $15 minimum wage impact forecast by Michal Rozworski (

They huff and they puff: More overblown claims about a $15 minimum wage by Sheila Block and Michal Rozworski (

Ontario corporations can afford to pay decent wages by Toby Sanger (Toronto Star)

Fraser Institute cries wolf over Ontario’s $15 minimum wage by Sheila Block and Michal Rozworski (

The headline you didn’t see: $15 per hour will have a big net benefit by Michal Rozworski (Progressive Economics Forum)

Some comments on the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario’s minimum wage commentary by Jordan Brennan (Progressive Economics Forum)

Outside the echo-chamber of commerce: Why a $15 minimum wage is good for Ontario by Trish Hennessy (

5 reasons to be skeptical of Keep Ontario Working’s “risk” analysis of Bill 148 and $15 minimum wage by Zohra Jamasi and Michal Rozworksi (

The Ontario Chamber’s economic impact analysis of Bill 148 still doesn’t make sense by Michal Rozworksi (

Why a $15 minimum wage is good for business by Armine Yalnizyan (Maclean’s)

The case for raising the minimum wage by Andrew Jackson (Broadbent Institute)

Who Benefits From a $15 Minimum Wage? By David Macdonald (CCPA Study)

Who earns minimum wage? by Angella MacEwen (Progressive Economics Forum)

Minimum wage study is fundamentally flawed by Ian Hussey (Parkland Institute)

Nova Scotia:

Who will benefit from a $15 minimum wage in Nova Scotia? by Christine Saulnier (

New York:

The Effects of a $15 Minimum Wage in New York State by Michael Reich, Sylvia Allegretto, Ken Jacobs and Claire Montialoux (Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics)


Effects of a $15 Minimum Wage in California by Fresno by Michael Reich, Sylvia Allegretto, and Claire Montialoux (Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics)


Seattle’s higher minimum wage is actually working just fine by Ben Spielberg (Washington Post)

The Seattle Minimum Wage Study Is Utter B.S. by Josh Hoxie (Fortune)

The “high road” Seattle labor market and the effects of the minimum wage increase by Ben Zipperer and John Schmitt (Economic Policy Institute)

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