Weekend Video: Unions and the City

18237909_1432672180088369_924913545652752939_oThis panel discussion invites Toronto labour leadership to respond to a comparative book on labour strategy and political action in Toronto and New York City, titled Unions and the City: Negotiating Urban Change. The book discusses how local unions in four sectors (hospitality, film, green energy and childcare) seek to advance organizing and collective bargaining goals through the reregulation of their respective sectors. Union strategy is evaluated according to whether it succeeds in achieving narrow trade union goals while also addressing broader class demands and social justice criteria.

* Sarah Ryan (CUPE National)
* Rick Ciccarelli (Labour Education Centre)
* Lis Pimentel (UNITE HERE Local 75)
* Bob Hall (IATSE Local 873)
* John Cartwright (Toronto and York Region Labour Council)

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