Weekend Video: Niagara Falls

1297940426993_ORIGINAL-1A short documentary about Niagara Falls’ image to the world and the reality of life in the city. This 4 minute documentary was made by Ryerson students, who wanted to examine the impact that ¬†years of Liberal and Tory attacks on social programs and good jobs had on the region. The President of Ryerson apologized to the Mayor of Niagara Falls, even though the students, some of whom were from the community, were telling a simple truth.

As Niagara Falls [2017] – Short Documentary from Mayday Pictures on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Video: Niagara Falls

  1. The condition of Niagara Falls and our economy is the result of 150 years of deliberate choices by our elected politicians. Their economic ideology is not carved in stone. It is the result of a value system designed to funnel money out of the hands of working people and into the pockets of the wealthy. We look at robust GDP growth, and then we see this. There’s a huge disconnect between what we vote for and what we actually get. and until people stop believing the lies of the mainstream parties and stop voting in the Fat Cats, nothing will change.

  2. So sad cause it’s so true. Free enterprise only awards those that are above average while lots of average and below average suffer.
    We should get that basic income going so all can have a respectable life.
    Now housing and rent prices are also getting stupid. How can anyone live on 13 dollars a hr when all your wages do not even pay for shelter alone.

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