The Best of in 2016

2016 was another big year for We posted 320 stories, videos, interviews, news updates and job posting this year. 145 of those were original stories, news reports or interviews. We had over 60 different authors writing for us. This year we launched two amazing projects: our podcast which has in-depth interviews with labour activists across the country and our new organizer’s handbook, 15 and Fairness Now!. The latter has now sold roughly 500 copies so far. Our readership has also continued to grow, almost doubling over the last year. Thanks to all those whose financial support and hard work make possible. Thanks especially to Daniel Tseghay, Denise Leduc and Robert Devet who have done incredible work for us this year. Without our writers, donors, and readers we could not have achieved all that we did in 2016. 2017 we will be looking to expand on this by hiring more writers, covering more stories and hopefully publishing more printed materials. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us expand our coverage. To celebrate our achievements the editors have chosen their top three stories of the year.

Gerard Di Trolio:

Picking apart the produce of injustice by C.J. Chanco

We we should vote down the GM contract by Cory Weir

Defending Palestinian rights shouldn’t put your job at risk by Yara Shoufani

Samantha Ponting:

The wonderful world of bossnapping by Evan Johnston

Letter’s from Saskatchewan’s inmates by Denise Leduc

WSIB’s Reforms: Smoke, mirrors and broken workers by Orlando Buonastella and Kathrin Furniss

Doug Nesbitt:

Remembering the Gainers’ Strike by James Wilt

Let’s hate NAFTA like we used to by Gerard Di Trolio and David Bush

The struggle to organize WestJet Flight Attendants by Andrew Stevens and Sam Ponting

Andrew Stevens:

The Leap Manifesto hits home: Reflections from a family working in natural resources by Denise Leduc

R& Podcast Episode 3 – Migrant Workers in Canada by Daniel Tseghay

In solidarity with Colonialism No More: A place for labour in anti-colonial struggles by Denise Leduc

David Bush:

Newfoundland is Rising Against Austerity by Robert Devet

Trudeau’s war on a small Alberta town by Crystal Warner

BOYCOTT! Sharpening a workers’ weapon by Doug Nesbitt

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