Vote for 2016’s Scumbag of the Year

scumWe asked you, our readers, to nominate candidates for our Scumbag of the Year award, and you responded in record numbers. We have waded through the human filth of bad bosses and politicians you put forth and have came up with 9 worthy candidates. So make sure to vote for your candidate below and share with your family and friends. Voting closes December 30.  Happy holidays!

Meet the candidates!

Essex County Library Board: Library workers in Essex county have been on strike against concessions since June 25, the board has refused to negotiate fairly.
Mark Lever: The President and CEO at the Chronicle Herald locked out Halifax Typographical Union’s newsroom and news bureau staff on January 23 of this year. They have been using scabs ever since.
Ellis Jacob: CEO at Cineplex hiked priced tickets when the minimum wage went up. 90 percent of the company’s workers make minimum wage at a time when the company is raking in record profits.
Herman J. Wilton-Siegel: This judge has repeatedly sided against 20,000+ USW pensioners in their struggle to get their benefits and pensions from US Steel.
Brad Wall: The Saskatchewan premier has attacked workers rights, public services and been a major roadblock to fighting climate change.
Karen Casey: Nova Scotia Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development has been at the forefront of attacking teachers and students in the province.
Brian Pallister: This Tory premier of Manitoba has rolled back workers’ rights and implemented austerity.
Elyse Allan: GE Canada has left a lethal legacy of sick workers at their facility in Peterborough. The company for decades swept occupational disease under the carpet and now denies there is a problem.
Tom Teahen: President and CEO of the WSIB has brought in rate cuts for employers and continued the brutal austerity imposed on injured workers by David Marshall.

Voting closes December 30.

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14 thoughts on “Vote for 2016’s Scumbag of the Year

  1. WOW that Library Board must really suck!
    I figured the WSIB would be on top right away, with hitting the news with so many intentionally neglectful cutbacks this past year!
    I mean they started the year with First responders and PTSD the officer who killed himself in Lake Ontario was the final straw, Then finishing the year with clawing back on the widely accepted practice of “Thin Skull approach” (this is where you take a person as they are and are responsible for all their wrongs). I mean their reputation is so bad the President has had to go on radio (CBC radio) and defend their position.
    I mean on my website I have posted news articles of the WSIB in the news and the number is almost 25 across the year. Now I will admit I have likely missed a few, which makes it worse. Mind you my favourite new story was my own that 4,441 injured workers every month are forced onto Ontario OW and ODSP.
    All I can say is that if that library board wins I am gonna have to make a trip there just to see why it is soooo bad!

    1. WSIB are truly awful people ruining the lives of thousands.

      Yeah, the Essex County Library Board is out of control trying to wreck a sick day plan and now committed to dying on this hill. They’re now even talking about operating libraries with scabs.

      1. I would agree to a point admin, but then I look at the WSIB law and realize in comparison of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms it is in conflict in many ways. To start with, for example, injured workers only receive 90% or 85% instead of 100% of their earnings. This leaves one with the clear impression that injured workers are being punished in a cruel and unusual way. Then there is the forced return to work program. This forces injured workers back to work, against the injured worker and/or the injured workers doctors recommendations. This too is cruel and unusual punishment. The cruel and unusual punishment is for a crime injured workers never committed! In reality it is punishing a victim of a crime, while rewarding the villain – the WSIB! This is why as a very proud Canadian I have decided to fight back with a constitutional challenge of the WSIB law the WSIA RSO 1997, which is to be heard in Brampton Court on April 24, 2017. I urge others to do the same as well! I have provided on my website a very easy to follow way for others to file their own challenge, if they want.
        For more information you can go to

        The best thing, I think a union can do for its membership, is to educate its membership and others of their individual human and constitutionally protected rights, as well as how to protect their rights through Freedom of Information requests as well as individual court challenges!.

        To change society we have to change the way we do things. This is true and confirmed by the famous creator of the Occupy movement, who wrote a book the end of the protester.

  2. What about Jerry Dias for selling out workers with a two tier pension plan?

    Or Kathleen Wynne for selling off Hydro One and pricing people out of electricity.

    You might have included Christie Clark for her on going vendetta against teachers, despite rulings from the BC Supreme Court that ruled in favour of teachers.

    Finally, Kellie Leitch for her divisive unCanadian values. There are literally dozens of eligible scumbags these days as it seems fashionable to blame labour for all the woes of the current economic agenda.

    1. Lots of scumbags to go around as usual, but how about Justin Trudeau for refusing to budge on C-51, loving every trade deal that crosses his desk, approving Kinder Morgan, and making nice with Herr Trump to get Keystone built. Oh, and let’s not forget ragging the puck on electoral reform. Was any of this forseeable? Well, yes, all of it actually, but some people get taken in by nice hair and a sunny disposition.

  3. How about Woodwards group owners? Bringing in seafarers from 3rd world countries and laying off Canadians??? They used Canadians every year during the last winter months seafaring? Exploiting foreign labour flags of convenience and our BIG BUSSINESS GOVERNMENT ALLOWS IT

  4. Really think they should all win they’re all the biggest scumbags ones no better than the other I really can’t make a decision definitely Essex Council

  5. Wow! Can I vote for more than one? I mean, for every one I voted for, I could give you 10 more to take their place. How about Stephen McNeil for saying that raising our pittance of a minimum wage would lead to inflation and refused to contemplate it. Howe about Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau for telling young people that the only thing they can look forward to is a life of job churn? You could add any CPC MP for supporting policies that will steal money from the poor and hand it to the wealthy, or any one of them that promotes racism and hatred in order to divide us against ourselves. A special shout out should go to MP Larry Miller in this regard for his execrable meme comparing social assistant recipients to wild animals.
    Off this list, though, I am going to choose Mark Levar of the Chronicle Herald for turning one of Nova Scotia’s primary newspapers into the scab ridden shadow of its former self that it is today. He has repeatedly refused to negotiate in good faith, changed his demands to suit the occasion, and spent more on security guards than it would have taken to settle the contract. His aim is to break the union, and turn long time employees out on the street, in spite of offers by the union to roll back wages and other benefits to help make the paper profitable again.

    1. Agreed about Trudeau and Morneau. Trudeau later had the audacity to say of the young people who protested against him at the CLC conference in October that he made a mistake in “rewarding [their] bad behaviour.” Really? Protesting your oppressive policies is hardly bad behaviour, superhero wannabe. Bad behaviour is allowing young people to live as second class citizens. But people get blinded by the nice hair and bare chest.

  6. Halifax Typographical Union


    Thanks for making our boss a finalist but could you please correct the spelling? It’s Mark Lever, not Levar.
    We are still out on strike after over 11 months and despite making concession after concession, the company will not negotiate in any meaningful way and is intent on breaking our union. It also continues to employ strikebreakers, whose lack of skills and experience have riddled the paper with errors and turned it from “the paper of record” into a laughing stock.
    Occasionally, he will drive by the picket line in his $100,000+ car and flash a grin to the longtime hard-working staff he plans to keep out on the street another winter.

  7. Really really hard to choose, I have tried to research some of the names to get to know more…But Brad Wall continues to concern me the most because Saskatchewan seems to keep electing him…

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