Labour News Update, December 19 2016

Essex County library strike | Canada Post door-to-door | Woodward reflags ships | GE Peterborough | Poverty wages for ECEs | Childcare costs | Teamster election in Canada | Basic Income protest in Sudbury | New Brunswick poverty and austerity | Asbestos ban in 2018 | Phoenix pay fiasco | BC migrant workers | Trudeau’s cash-for-access | Stelco pensions | Privatized road clearing

Essex library workers vote down “final offer”; Library Board plans scab operation
Windsor Star
December 13 2016

Canada Post should restore door-to-door mail, Commons panel says
Toronto Star
December 13 2016

15439793_1385370404840867_7243572380547747456_nWoodward workers rally against reflagged vessels and layoffs in Lewisporte, NL
Chris Ensing, CBC News
December 13 2016

Toxic Legacy: General Electric in Peterborough
Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star
December 17 2016

Early Childhood Education students sound alarm on low wages
May Warren, Metro Toronto
December 14 2016

Childcare costs rising rapidly in Canada’s biggest cities
Jacqueline Hansen, CBC News
December 12 2016

Explaining the Teamster vote for Hoffa-Hall in Canada
Ritch Whyman,
December 13 2016

Demonstrators disrupt Ontario Basic Income “consultation” in Sudbury
Olivia Stefanovish, CBC News
December 13 2016

Property tax rebates cost New Brunswick hundreds of millions
Robert Jones, CBC News
December 12 2016

Nearly half of New Brunswick families can’t afford healthy diet
Gabrielle Fahmey, CBC News
December 16 2016

Canada to ban asbestos use by 2018
Peter Goffin, Toronto Star
December 15 2016

Single mom loses home because of Phoenix pay fiasco
Katie Simpson, CBC News
December 15 2016

Nelson House personal care workers end strike
CBC News
December 15 2016

A report on the Lives of the Migrant Agricultural Workers of BC
Daniel Tseghay,
December 16 2016

15401049_1392945980749976_8430258724890754440_nTrudeau says he uses cash-for-access fundraisers to champion “middle class”
Robert Fife and Steven Chase, Globe and Mail
December 13 2016

The battle over Stelco pension funds, explained
Kelly Bennett, CBC News
December 14 2016

New Brunswick budget cuts lead to Dangerous Roads
CUPE Local 1190
December 14 2016

Companies plowing Ontario highways owe $2.5m in fines
Mike Crawley, CBC News
December 13 2016

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