Weekend Video: Precarious work

Nora Loreto, member of the Canadian Freelance Union and writer, speaks about the current crisis of precarious work and what happened to get us to where we are today. She was the keynote speaker at the The Precarious Generation: Millennials Fight Back forum in Ottawa.

Fighting for $15 in Quebec

By Chantal Sundaram On October 20, more than a 100 people gathered at the Centre Tétreau in Gatineau, Quebec (Hull) to launch a local version of the campaign for a $15 minimum wage in Quebec. The crowd was made up of CEGEP and University students,… Read More

Because it’s 2016…

By Denise Leduc One year ago the newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau made headlines around the world when he appointed a gender balanced cabinet. Later when asked about this he famously quipped, “Because it’s 2015”. This soundbite garnered international attention and seemed hopeful for women… Read More