Supporting Guyana’s sugar workers

By Kevin Brice-Lall The same ties which link companies from Canada to Guyana don’t just link those companies exploitative practices—like Canadian owned Omai Gold Mine which was responsible for Guyana’s worst environmental disaster—they can also link together the struggles against those practices. The current struggle… Read More

Weekend Video: Battle of Cable Street

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when London, England’s East End’s Jewish population came together with trade unionists and other groups to prevent Oswald Mosley’s ‘Black Shirts’ marching through their community. This event showed the power the working class has… Read More

Weekend Video: Cotton Mill, Treadmill

This 1970 documentary film  shows how Quebec textile workers organize themselves for better, healthier working conditions while the multinationals strenghten their empire. This film was blocked for several years by the National Film Board of Canada due to political commentary in the film.