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Do you have crappy wages? No benefits? Shitty boss? Are you disgusted by the wealth hoarded by the rich when you and so many others struggle to make ends meet? Want to do something about it?

artboard_7_1024Then we have have the booklet for you! is publishing a new handbook for organizers: Fight for $15 and Fairness Now! An organizer’s handbook for building a movement.

This handbook will show you how to build a local $15 campaign in your town. You’ll learn how to start from scratch in a town, in your workplace or on a campus, how to use effective organizing tactics, build a coalition of unions and community organizations, and defeat the arguments against a $15 minimum wage. It’s also about education. Learn what the Fight for $15 and Fairness means for women, climate change, union bargaining, and the social safety net. This handbook covers it all: from on-the-ground organizing to the big political and economic questions.

PRE-ORDER NOW and this book will get into your hands as soon as its printed.

One-time donations of $30 or more will get a copy of the booklet and a free t-shirt.

Bulk purchases can be made for union locals, labour councils and campaign groups. Email for details about ordering.


Fight for $15 and Fairness in context

1) Fight for $15: a brief history

2) Fighting for $15 and Fairness in Ontario

3) Taking on the low-wage economy

Organizing the Fight for $15 and Fairness

4) Using the petition as an organizing tool

5) Fighting for $15 and Fairness at Pearson Airport

6) How to build the campaign on campus – the York experiment

7) Building the campaign in your community

The Politics of the Fight for $15 and Fairness

8) “We’re frozen with the minimum wage”: Women in the Fight for $15 and Fairness

9) Don’t be fooled by basic income

10) $15 and Fairness on a finite planet

11) Why $15 matters for unions

12) Keeping it together and next steps

13) Busting $15 myths – how to answer the most common questions

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3 thoughts on “Pre-order Fight for $15 and Fairness Now!

  1. Hello,

    It is not letting me pre-order. I attempted to go to the link to donate but it just shows the paypal page and not anything to lead me to it. Please let me know what to do and looking forward to this item!

  2. Is it still possible to pre-order the book? I have tried and I seem to be having the same issue as Matthew, who commented above on September 3rd, 2016.
    Please let me know!

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