Ontario! All out for October 1st!

By David Bush The Rally for Decent Work on October 1st is an important moment for Ontario’s labour movement. After years of legislative attacks and austerity directed at workers, the rally is a chance to build the movement for $15 and Fairness, push for positive… Read More

Book review: Unfree Labour

By Daniel Tseghay In 1947, when Jamaican agricultural workers were already making their way to Canada on short-term contracts, Canadian officials resisting the possibility of permanent residency on explicitly racist, and curiously paternalistic, grounds. “The admission to Canada of natives of the West Indies has… Read More

Killing Canada Post: Trudeau’s Turn

By David Bush, Gerard Di Trolio, and Doug Nesbitt In early September the Canada Post Task Force, promised by Justin Trudeau during the last election to review the postal service’s future, released its discussion paper. The paper was the committee’s preliminary thoughts about the future… Read More

Why we should vote down the GM contract

At half-past midnight on September 20th, the framework of a tentative agreement was reached between Unifor and General Motors  that narrowly averted a strike. The Unifor Local 222 union hall in Oshawa erupted with cheers, then quickly fell silent as our mobilized strike teams waited… Read More

Bargaining on the offensive

Has your union ever faced an employer that treated bargaining as a sham? Such employers have no interest in reaching a compromise; they’re intent on forcing concessions or breaking the union. Often they never move off their concessionary proposals. Finally they declare impasse and implement… Read More

Bustin’ scabs in Guelph

by Tiffany Balducci Oshawa Public Library worker and president of CUPE Local 960 Who ya gonna call? Scab-busters! That was just one of the many chants on Thursday’s picket line at Hematite Manufacturing with members of Workers United Canada Council Local 2508. Over 60 workers… Read More