Weekend video: Struggle[s] at Nuit Debout, Part 1 – Paris

Weekend video: Struggle[s] at Nuit Debout, Part 1 – ParisNuit Debout is a French social movement that began on 31 March 2016, arising out of protests against proposed labor reforms known as the El Khomri law or Loi travail. It has been compared to the Occupy movement in the United States and to Spain’s anti-austerity 15-M or Indignados movement.

The movement is centered at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies following the 31 March protest. The movement has spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France as well as to neighbouring countries in Europe.

This documentary from Medialien, a left wing media collective in France, interviews Nuit Debout protestors in Paris and asks for their perspectives on why they protest and questions pertaining to racism in French society, organizing tactics, and how to take the movement forward.

English subtitles are available by clicking the Closed Captions (CC) button on the YouTube player.

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