Weeknd Video: Working While Black

cropped-racism-logo1On May 28 Working While Black in Nova Scotia hosted a symposium looking at questions: Is there such thing as employment equity? Is racism profitable? How is racism in the workplace making us sick?

Speakers and topics:
-Marlene Ruck-Simmonds (Intergenerational Trauma, Working in Racist Environments and Psychological Efftects)
-Isaac Saney (History of Anti-Black Racism in the Nova Scotian Workplace)
-Muhammed Yaffa (Immigration and Faith)

Working While Black in Nova Scotia is a joint project of Ujamaa, Solidarity Halifax and Kwacha House Cafe. The project aims to publish anonymous stories of anti-black racism in the workplace in Nova Scotia. Publishing these stories allows workers in the Black community to know that they are not alone in their experience of racism. The website also serves as a means to circulate these stories beyond the Black community. This is especially important since white and other Nova Scotians often operate under the mistaken assumption that racism is a thing of the past.

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