Help us raise $1000 or we will send you more emails than the NDP

RankAndFile_social_media_square-150x150We at want to thank all our readers and donors for the amazing support you have given us over the years. With your help we have have been able to expand our readership and our coverage. We have hired three part-time labour reporters and have published more original content than ever before.

Our goal at is to provide informative news and analysis for workers, to build relationships with workers’ in struggle and to help be a  but it also aims to build solidarity for workers in struggle and support the construction of rank-and-file networks.

With that in mind we have two exciting projects that we need your financial help to get off the ground:

1) This July we are going to (re)launch the podcast. We will be producing a monthly (hopefully bi-weekly) 30 minute podcast featuring interviews and news stories about the Canadian labour movement. To make this project a reality means having money for website and podcast hosting, equipment and software.

2) In September we are planning to launch a Fight for $15 and Fairness campaigns booklet. This printed booklet would be an organizing toolkit for experienced and new activists alike. The booklet will cover all aspects of the campaign from economic arguments to how to build a local group in your workplace or community. It is being written by people who are involved in the campaign. We need money for printing, copy editing, design and postage (and yes we are going to mail you a copy).

In total we need to raise at least $1,000. The more money we can raise the more we can do. Our whole organization operates on less than $7,000 a year and any help you can give would go along way.

You can donate a one-time amount or you can become a monthly sustainer, which is the most helpful for us. If you are a member of a union or labour council please ask them if they can donate to If you have any questions email us 

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