Labour News Update: April 19 2016

Fighting for $15 National Day of Action news round up | Rebuilding labour in a Tory heartland | What did Quebec public sector unions achieve? | Steelworkers think BC NDP is treating them like a bank machine | Negotiation gives way to litigation at OPSEU

Fighting for $15 and the future of Canadian Labour, April 15
On April 15, workers and community members throughout Canada will join together and take to the streets to demand better work for all. We ride upon the waves of recent victories in California and New York where workers won a $15 minimum wage in their states. The most immediate lesson is a simple one, when workers organize together, they win.

Workers across Canada fight for $15 and fairness, April 15
Life in Canada hasn’t been easy for Acsana Fernando. Originally from Bangladesh, Fernando arrived in Canada in 2002 hoping to build a better life for her and her family.

Rally joins national call for $15 an hour, April 15
As of April, B.C. holds the distinction of having the lowest minimum wage in Canada and the highest cost of living. The benchmark of $15 an hour has become a rallying cry not only in B.C. but in Europe and the U.S.

Fair Wage Coalition thinks Nova Scotians deserve a raise, April 15
The Fair Wage Coalition thinks Nova Scotians deserve a raise. Members of the coalition gathered outside the McDonalds on Spring Garden Rd. Friday to protest the minimum wage rate in the province.  They argue that minimum wage should be increased to $15 next year. As of April 1, minimum wage in Nova Scotia sits at $10.70.

Standing up for fair wages, April 14
Imagine sending your child to school dosed up on fever medication because you work in a precarious job and can’t afford to take a day off to care for a sick child.

Rebuilding labour in a Tory heartland, April 14
An angry, boisterous crowd of hundreds marched through Brockville, descending upon the downtown constituency office of Bob Runciman, Ontario’s Solicitor General and MPP for Leeds-Grenville.

What did Quebec public sector unions achieve?
socialist, April 15
After a wave of protests and job actions that culminated in Quebec’s largest general strike in decades last December, public-sector unions have agreed to a series of contracts with disappointing concessions that raise questions about where the struggle in Quebec will go next.

Steelworkers thing BC NDP is treating them like a bank machine
the, April 15
One of the B.C. New Democratic Party’s largest union allies is expressing deep frustration with the party’s lack of organization, and questioning if it can win next year’s provincial election.

Negotiation gives way to litigation at OPSEU, April 14
Solidarity goes only so far at one of Ontario’s biggest public sector unions, which is embroiled in a bitter dispute over how sexual assault and harassment are handled in the workplace — in this case, its own headquarters.

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