Weekend Video: $15 and Fairness

2015-05-28-1432849039-9821019-15andfairnessOn Friday April 15 workers across the country will be taking action demanding a $15 minimum wage and better working conditions. In Ontario the $15 and Fairness campaign is working to raise the floor of working conditions and to make it easier to join and keep a union.

Ontario’s outdated laws fail to protect workers. $11.40 is not enough to pay the bills. With costs like rent and groceries being on the rise, a 15 cent increase leaves workers in poverty. A decent minimum wage is a central part of lifting workers out of poverty, but there are many other changes that need to be made to push back against low-wage and precarious work. Workers need hours that they can live on, paid sick days so they can afford to get well, better protections from reprisals and easier access to unionization, and laws that protect everyone and are enforced.

Join the Fight for $15 and Fairness actions in Ontario – click here to find an action near you.

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