Bombardier: Time to Nationalize

by David Bush, Gerard Di Trolio, and Doug Nesbitt The best solution for Bombardier’s endless financial woes is the one that nobody is talking about: nationalization. It’s time for the Canadian government to stop subsidizing the profits of the transport and aerospace company’s shareholders. The only people… Read More

Vice Media unionization goes global

by Errol Salamon Workers at Vice Media are leading efforts to unionize digital media workplaces. These efforts have spread internationally from the United States to Canada and the United Kingdom. Earlier this month, Vice UK workers announced that they’re campaigning to unionize with the National Union… Read More

Weekend Video: Postal Banking

This panel discussion is a chance to learn about the many shortcomings of the existing private banking system in Canada and of the potential of a public postal bank to address them! Predatory lenders are draining money out of low-income communities; could postal banking be… Read More