Weekend Video: The Mine Wars

The Mine Wars is a new documentary retelling the story of how Appalachian coal miners fought the brutal oppression of the coal operators. After a series of major battles over union recognition, the Mine Wars escalated in the early 1920s into an armed rebellion of 10,000… Read More

Letters from Saskatchewan’s inmates

Why we should care about the privatization of Saskatchewan’s prison services By Denise Leduc In late 2015 and again in January 2016, hunger strikes were initiated by inmates in Saskatchewan’s prisons over food issues. There were complaints of uncooked eggs, and meals that were nutritionally… Read More

Weekend Video: Stop the Hospital Cuts

Hospitals in crisis, hydro privatization, mounting student debt and rising inequality! Stop devastating cuts to public services and social programs that are hurting our community — the rallying cry outside the Ontario Pre-Budget consultation at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Monday, February 1, 2016. The… Read More