Best of in 2015

Some of our editors on at a protest in 2015 supporting the striking workers at Crown Can in Toronto, Ontario

2015 was a big year We posted 330 stories, videos, interviews, news updates and job posting this year. 145 of those were original stories, news reports or interviews. We had 68 different authors writing for us. We also added a new amazing editor to our team, Tara Ehrcke, while also having three writer/organizers, Shay Enxuga, Daniel Tseghay and Denise Leduc, working for us at various points throughout the year.  Our readership has also continued to grow.  Thanks to all those who have contributed, either though their money or their labour, to this year. Without our writers, donors, and readers we could not have achieved all that we did in 2015. To celebrate our achievements the editors have chosen their top three stories of the year.

Gerard Di Trolio:

OFL Convention 2015: The good, the bad, and the ugly by Chris Grawey

The State and Future of CUPE: Equality, Equity & Erasure by Kimalee Phillip

The rise and fall (?) of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation by Tara Ehrcke

Samantha Ponting:

This Labour Day, let’s remember five forgotten stories of struggle by Dan Darrah

Forced Out by a Broken System by anonymous worker

Harvesting a Movement: BC’s migrant farm workers by Daniel Tseghay

Doug Nesbitt:

A cause worth fighting for: Remembering the IKEA lockout by Dot Tompkins

Fighting austerity in London, Ontario by Gerard Di Trolio

Stories of sexism in the workplace by Samantha Ponting

Andrew Stevens:

How to avoid getting “Ubered:” inside the Ottawa taxi lockout by Joel Harden

What’s happening at Nipissing University? by Susan Srigley

Charting corporate connections in the new Liberal cabinet by Samantha Ponting

Tara Ehrcke:

Advances for Air Canada workers or an opportunity lost? by Andrew Stevens

Uber must die by David Bush

What are we going to do about scabbing? by Doug Nesbitt

David Bush:

The politics of the constitutional right to strike by Charles Smith

One man’s sit-in to save door-to-door mail by Evan Johnston

Workers in Québec are in the middle of an historic moment by Nora Loreto

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