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12339222_950268545054552_4227284186205387562_oWe have waded through the human filth that you, our readers, have nominated for our prestigious Scumbag of the Year award and have come up with 8 worthy lowlifes. We will let you choose, from these 8 candidates, who should be our Scumbag of the Year. Please vote at the bottom of this post.

Of course, there were too many high quality nominees to make our list. Some of these notable nominees who didn’t make the final cut:

The Ryerson Student Union executive, who fired two unionized staff members, one of whom was on maternity leave.
The University of Toronto administration who a good chunk of our readers pointed out were especially underhanded and ugly in their last round of bargaining.
Christy Clark for being the most outright corrupt premier in the country, no small feat.
-Linda Knight, CEO of Carepartners who forced out nurses on strike in a bid to make them pay the employer’s share of the Ontario Pension Plan
Justice Herman Wilton-Siegal, the judge who sided with US Steel and decided to suspend health care benefits to 20,000+ USW pensioners and their families.
Sara Thomas and Mike Hachey, former owners of Egg Films Inc.

Of course many people also nominated Harper and his merry band of Tory lunatics. These would be excellent choices but they are ineligible as they are Scumbags for Life. Stephen McNeil, last year’s winner, has made a strong case for a repeat. But McNeil is just trying to be greedy and we thought we should let someone else have a chance this year.

12398910_10101123999339015_1502425144_nWe have also are giving a special Grinch of the Year Award to Channel Zero who fired roughly 100 of its unionized staff at CHCH, a Hamilton based independent television station.

Our candidates this year have distinguished themselves:

-Deepak Chopra has been attacking home mail delivery and Canada Post this year just like last year. When his master Harper was trounced in the election, he was asked by the incoming government to go with him. But this scumbag has refused.
-Brian Cornell the assholes at Target fired 17,500 workers in Canada and lied about giving them severance. They did see fit to give $61 million to the former CEO of Target after he drove the company into the ground.
-David Marshall, a nominee last year, is on the list this year for making injured workers’ lives in Ontario a hellhole.
-Alberta’s farmers and we mean the big business assholes, are nominated for opposing basic health and safety legislation.
-Mario Longhi is nominated because U.S. Steel has destroyed Canada’s steel industry, fired workers and is now ripping off retirees and workers’ pensions.
-Brad Wall, where to start. This vile human is privatizing healthcare, attacking workers’ rights, hating on refugees and taking inaction on climate change to a whole new level.
-Philippe Couillard‘s tenure as premier of Quebec has seen sweeping austerity and a full-scale attack on Quebec’s public sector workers. This of course has been met with large scale demonstrations.
-Kathleen Wynne as premier did what even Mike Harris couldn’t, privatize Hydro One. This was the single largest privatization in the province’s history. She has also made a sweeping attack on the province’s healthcare system.

Vote and share. Voting closes December 30.

R&F’s 2015 Scumbag of the Year

Deepak Chopra – Canada Post CEO & President
Brian Cornell – Target CEO
David Marshall – WSIB President & CEO
Alberta’s Farmers
Mario Longhi – U.S. Steel CEO
Brad Wall – Saskatchewan Premier
Philippe Couillard – Quebec Premier
Kathleen Wynne – Ontario Premier

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2 thoughts on “Vote for 2015’s Scumbag of the Year

  1. Ack!

    Say it ain’t so! The totally rotten Egg Films lowlifes did not make the cut?

    I have been following the Sarah Thomas and Mike Hachey gongshow from here in Ottawa, and I am utterly convinced that they should be on the shortlist!

    I realize that ALL of the final 8 really deserve to be there, so I’m not about to suggest removing any of them. But I am making an extraordinary appeal to the fine editors at to consider adding scumbags #9: Thomas and Hachey! They deserve to receive many votes, and I’m convinced would be real contenders for the prize…

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