Best of in 2015

2015 was a big year We posted 330 stories, videos, interviews, news updates and job posting this year. 145 of those were original stories, news reports or interviews. We had 68 different authors writing for us. We also added a new amazing editor to… Read More

Beating Apathy

By Labor Notes staff Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who cares about the union? Like none of your co-workers will lift a finger to help? Like your workplace is bogged down in “apathy?” It’s a common gripe. In Labor Notes workshops… Read More

Labour news update: December 21, 2015

Quebec government and public sector reach tentative agreement | Alberta NDP wavers on minimum wage |  BCAA lockout ends | Mac convenience stores sued by temporary foreign workers | Nova Scotia’s Liberals pass Bill 148 legislating bargaining | Saskatchewan government rejects CPP expansion | Chronicle Herald talks break… Read More

Bill 148 needs to be stopped

By Robert Devet The Liberals just couldn’t help themselves. They did it again. Earlier they trampled over home care workers’ and healthcare workers’ rights. Now it is teachers’ and civil servants’ turn. An entire session at Province House without labour strife just wouldn’t be the… Read More

The Right to Real Pay for Real Work

By Denise Leduc’s Prairies correspondent Workers with disabilities face many challenges in Canada’s labour market, including marginalization and exclusion. Only about 25% of individuals with intellectual disabilities are able to find employment. Even at work this often-overlooked segment of the workforce is forced to… Read More