Weekend Video: Remembering Operation Solidarity

operation-solidarity-bw“When British Columbia’s Social Credit government introduced this unexpected list of bills before the Legislature on July 7, 1983, it resulted in the quick mobilization of individuals and groups across the political spectrum in British Columbia. Contained in these bills was legislation enabling increased governmental control over school boards and colleges, less enforcement of employment standards, the abandonment of the province’s human rights commission, less medicare, increased wage control, and the ‘gutting’ of union contracts in the public sector, meaning employees could be fired without cause or in respect to seniority.

Immediately people started talking, getting together, and expressing outrage. Operation Solidarity was formed, representing 400,000 workers. A protest rally was planned. Although organizers anticipated a strong turn-out, more than 20,000 showed up and marched through the streets of Vancouver.  Another rally a week later, this time in Victoria, attracted 25,000 in front of the Legislature.” – From the BC Labour Heritage Centre

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