Should unions ditch KPMG?

060508121055KPMG_blue_logoAccounting firm, KPMG, has been in the press lately. In September, allegations surfaced that KPMG had been involved in developing an offshore tax “sham” to help wealthy Canadian families avoid paying taxes. Two years ago the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) had even obtained a judicial order demanding that KPMG give up the names of their clients who had set up shell companies in the Isle of Man, according to the CBC. The company fought the decision in federal court. Reports suggest that the practice has been going on now for over a decade.

It now appears that the Conservative government has some role to play in this growing scandal. In 2014, the CRA partnered with Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) just as the professional association was lobbying on behalf of one of its members organizations, KPMG. The CPA had even sought intervenor status in the court case where KPMG was fighting federal tax authorities.

Is this the type of company unions should be working with?

Labour organizations across Canada work with accounting firms to conduct audits and assist with other financial services. Is your union allied with KPMG? Should labour ditch companies that help create offshore shelters for wealthy Canadians?

Fill out the survey and tell us what you think. Should labour boycott KPMG over its tax avoiding schemes?

Complete the survey here by October 31.

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