Weekend Video: 24 Hours or More

A cinematic tract, a personal, activist work by a socially committed Québec filmmaker, this is a frontal assault, fraught with exacerbated emotion and concentrated philosophy, on a “consumer society” viewed as the ultimate embodiment of evil. This film was made during an exceptional, feverish period… Read More

Should unions ditch KPMG?

Accounting firm, KPMG, has been in the press lately. In September, allegations surfaced that KPMG had been involved in developing an offshore tax “sham” to help wealthy Canadian families avoid paying taxes. Two years ago the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) had even obtained a judicial… Read More

Call for Proposals: 2016 CAWLS annual conference

Call for Proposals 2016 Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies annual conference Re-energizing Communities: Building Worker Solidarity and Social Justice University of Calgary June 1-2, 2016 As part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences The conference organizing committee invites submissions for… Read More