Weekend Video: Keep Ontario’s Hydro Public

keep_hydro_public_fight_has_just_begun_june_15_2015Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has a short-sighted plan to sell 60% of Hydro One for a one-time payment to fund transit. That’s like burning the furniture to heat the house. It doesn’t make economic sense. And Ontarians are going to be stuck paying higher electricity bills.

To add insult to injury, rather than saying they are “privatizing” or “selling” Hydro One, the Liberals are tiptoeing around the issue by using vague and confusing terms like “unlocking the asset” or “broadening the ownership.”

The Hydro privatization experiment has failed in Ontario and elsewhere in places such as Nova Scotia. In fact, there is not one jurisdiction anywhere in the world where privatization hasn’t resulted in big rate hikes. The promise of deregulation was lower rates. The promise of Smarts Meters was that they will save you money. Both of these promises were completely false. Wynne’s numbers and arguments to sell Hydro One don’t add up. The government has no mandate to sell Hydro One.

Don’t let Kathleen Wynne mislead you! Tell your MPP that you want to keep hydro public by going to: KeepHydroPublic.ca

Over 100 municipalities have already passed resolutions to stop the Liberals’ plan to privatize Hydro One. Here we present videos from CUPE’s campaign to keep hydro public and videos by Rebel Sage of a demonstration against the Liberal’s privatization agenda.

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