What are we going to do about scabbing?

By Doug Nesbitt Scabs, strikebreakers, finks, rats. There are a lot of more appropriate names for what the press, politicians and employers call “replacement workers.” Scabs are people who cross picket lines to do the work of those on strike or locked out. Scabs include… Read More

Raise wages not sea levels

By Octavian Cadabeschi On July 4, 400 Vancouverites gathered on sunset beach, joining communities across Canada in a nationwide day of protest to stand up for jobs, justice, and climate action. Protests overlooked English Bay, the site of April’s bunker fuel spill, where the bulk… Read More

Weekend Video: WAL-TOWN The Film

In this feature documentary, 6 student activists visit 36 Canadian towns to take on one giant corporation. Filmed over 2 summers, these young crusaders (plus a gonzo journalist) try to raise public awareness about Wal-Mart’s business practices and their effect on cities and towns across… Read More

Fighting austerity in London, Ontario

By Gerard Di Trolio London, Ontario has become a flashpoint showing the destructive intersection of austerity and neoliberal economic policy that has transformed Southwestern Ontario into Canada’s rustbelt. With a population of nearly 370,000, London is Southwestern Ontario’s largest city and once boasted a diversified… Read More