Understanding Canada’s austerity consensus

Michal Rozworksi is a Vancouver-based political economist who runs the website Political Eh-conomy. He recently published the article “Canada’s Austerity Consensus” at Jacobin Magazine. Michal argues that since the 1990s, both the federal Liberals and Conservatives have carried forward the austerity agenda. As Canadians prepare… Read More

Oppose Privatizing Ontario’s Power

By Paul Kahnert Ed Clark, Premier Wynne’s privatization advisor insisted in the May 19 Toronto Star that the partial sell-off of Hydro One to private owners will produce greater efficiencies through private sector discipline and that those benefits are passed onto rate payers through lower… Read More

Building a Stewards Council

by Paul Krehbiel Originally published at Labor Notes Want a stronger union at work? Consider building a stewards council. With only five stewards for 1,700 workers, demoralization was high at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The union, the old Service Employees (SEIU) Local… Read More

Shaking Off the Part-Time Blues

Fighting for the rights of Ontario college workers By Tracy McMaster We’ve all followed the news that part-time, insecure employment is growing. I work at an Ontario college as a full-time library technician. Every day I work side by side with part-time employees whose jobs… Read More

Halifax Water Workers Locked Out

By Shay Enxuga Yesterday, over 330 Halifax Water Workers walked off the job to defend their pension plan. On Monday night, May 18, 2015, employees of Halifax Water arrived at the depot around midnight to drop off their work equipment only to find the doors… Read More